LAMB top zip in yellow?

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  1. I think the style of the bag is called "Exeter".

    This particular color is a sample and was sold at the sample sale so it is legit. It was never mass produced in this color (that's why it's rare) but there were a few other L.A.M.B. samples that were made in the same yellow color that appeared on eBay as well.
  2. wow Ive never seen it in that color but there are a lot of samples out there. If you like it then you should get it
  3. It's the exeter and it's definitely authentic, and like someone else already said it's from a sample sale, there were a few other yellow bags that popped up on ebay.
  4. Thanks a bunch for the info!
  5. it's cute but look at that gash in the leather.
  6. :wtf: