Lamb sneakers... I hope they make these in adult size

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  1. [​IMG]

    too cute for words

    and the bullseye would look great with the bag and tee

  2. OMG!!!! I would buy them both they are sooo cute!!
  3. they are...i want i need bullseye
  4. So cute! I want the BE for my baby AND FOR ME ! haha
  5. they arent even on the lamb shoe site yet..only where i got mine..
  6. Oh please make these for adults!
  7. Tooo f'n cute!! Me want them both!

    So cute! I love the BE thinks my 4 year old needs these.
  9. So cute! I saw these on the giant peach website last week and was thinking the same thing! Sometimes the baby shoes aren't made for adults which makes me really sad.

    What I really want are the houndstooth slip-ons Kingston always wears...make those for us Gwen!!
  10. The houndstooth! Yes, someone else noticed them other then me! lol. I would love to have some of those!
  11. yeaaah,
    those baby shoes on giant peach are adorable! ohhh, i want me some houndstooth!
  12. Yes! Those shoes are so freakin cute, and to see them on Kingston makes them even cuter! I'm losing hope though that they will be made for adults, I haven't seen any pictures of adult shoes like all the new baby ones that we see from conventions and stuff...please Gwen, please! Make these shoes for adults!
  13. Looks like another letter to gwen...

    *Dear Gwen, please stop designing these fabulously cute shoes that you only intend for your son and your son alone to wear. Also please stop making outrageously CUTE shoes just for children and not us adults, who are the ones that have the money to buy the shoes(not the children). It would be fabulous of you! TIA, Denise.*
  14. ^ :roflmfao: you can add my name to that one too!
  15. Done and done! lol.