LAMB Sightings in Movies, TV, etc.

  1. I hate to sound so campy but I was watching AI and then let the Glee pilot run afterwards. The OCD teacher was wearing the draped collar blazer!!! :nuts: The one Rihanna has been seen wearing. Yay for L.A.M.B. on TV!
  2. Over the weekend I spotted what looked to be a Cheetah Devon on Tori & Dean!!!
  3. ^^Yea Tori has tha bag.
  4. ^^I'm about to try and see if I can catch the first episode of the new season- missed it last night. Maybe she has more L.A.M.B. now, but anyhoo........ I just love Tori like I love Gwen!
  5. [​IMG]

    The ever-platinum busy mom Gwen Stefani rocks her retro movie-star look through many moods and music styles (reggae to dance-hall to pop, baby!). With fame, family, and her L.A.M.B. fashion line, she relies on a secret stash to stay fragrant and fiercely feminine.

    1. Pantene Pro-V Style Sheer Volume Hairspray, Ricky's smooth and bungee elastics: "I like to play with my hair. When you're pregnant, you're tempted to change your style radically. I've had to resist!"

    2. Harajuku Lovers fragrances in G, Lil' Angel, Music, Love, Baby: "Each bottle is a replica of one of my backup dancers--who I miss so much now that we're not on tour! I wanted Baby to have a baby-powdery scent and G to be fruity."

    3. L.A.M.B. Linstead clutch: "Of course, I'm always carrying a L.A.M.B. bag."

    4. MAC Matte Lipstick in Russian Red: "My husband loves me in red lipstick, and I still just want to impress him."

    5. MAC Fawntastic Cream Colour Base: "We used this at the last L.A.M.B. show."

    6. Kiehl's Cucumber Essence: "I lean toward scented oils that are sweet--like cucumber, coconut, pear. Musky scents are too serious."

    "Even when we played with punk-rock bands, I was always girly. The best part is getting made up and then sweating it all off during the concert."
  6. ^ Coooool! Thanks for posting that miss C!
  7. Pictures from the Gossip Girl set this week - Leighton Meester (Blair Waldorf) carrying a L.A.M.B. clutch


    blair.jpg blair2.JPG
  8. ^^Two more pics of Blair from next season's Gossip Girl filming


    blair1.JPG blair2.JPG
  9. Yeap I saw that on justjared site's. haha Glad that LAMB is being used in the costume dept especially in GG.
  10. i'm pretty sure i just saw a marigold sonny on psych!
  11. L.A.M.B. will be appearing on Gossip Girl again... Some shots of Jessica Szohr with one of the newer hobos



    jessica1.JPG jessica2.JPG jessica3.JPG
  12. ^^^ Nice Brand New L.A.M.B, What a great looking hobo!
  13. I really like the hobo, anyone know what the style name is?