LAMB Sightings in Movies, TV, etc.

  1. My Target was sold out of SATC yesterday :confused1: all they had left was Blu-ray disc.
  2. Lol, yeah Yvonne you got me beat! I guess I'm fortunate that I still had one DVD left to fulfill my Columbia House agreement. I pre-ordered it a month ago through them so on Tuesday it was sitting in my mailbox!
  3. ooohh - good to know, we have a blu-ray player. the older dvd player is funky!
  4. I want a blu-ray player. I just got a 65" LCD HDTV 1080p back in March. I have to say it like that because my dad made me continuously repeat those acronyms so I would know what kind of tv to buy, lol.
  5. I got mine at tarjay yvonne....the next day which was wednesday all they had left was the blu ray. I'm thinking of getting it though... you know, for when we do get a blu ray player! lol.

    Oh and I too have the whoooole set! Me and my bff watched the show religiously!! I even got my bf to watch every episode with me! And since tuesday i have watched the movie every night! My bf will never admit to any of this! hahaha...or loving it! Which he does! lol.
  6. [​IMG]

    Yesterday's episode of Ugly Betty, her sister Hilda was carrying this bag. The part when she first saw her apt in NYC :smile:
  7. ^ Another shot i miss!! I watched it
  8. Another shot of Leighton Meester (Blair - Gossip Girl) wearing the L.A.M.B. High Waist Plaid Skirt:


    Not sure which episode this is from - might be an upcoming one.
  9. Wow, Gossip Girl is really loving some LAMB! I wonder do they get to keep it?
  10. I caught a few minutes of young and the restless today and one of the actresses was wearing a l.a.m.b vest...

    Like this..

  11. ^ That's my daily tivo recording --- I haven't seen this week's episodes yet. I'm going to pay close attention to that one!
  12. ^ Ooh another fan! Yay! I loveth that show. I usually catch the ones i miss on soap net!
  13. There was a bag from the Angel collection in black rock metallic on Ugly Betty tonight. Don't know the name... but it was rectangular with a leather shoulder strap. Cute!
  14. ^haven't watched it yet --will try to catch that later