Lamb Reveal

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  1. Last weekend I went to Luna Boston and purchased two great LAMB items. A friend of mine converted me into a LAMB lover! haha :biggrin:
    Tell me what you think of my new purchases...

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  2. OMG I LOVE those shoes!!
  3. Cute shoes. Did you just get one pair of heels? I thought you said two items?!
  4. Enjoy some more pics of my new Harajuku Shoes which I will model at some point.. My camera ran out of batteries so I'm glad I was able to take these.
    I also purchased a great LAMB Wallet to add to my LAMB Collection.. If you want to see some of my entire LAMB Collection you can check out my Purse album.

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  5. i love the shoes! never seen them before. what are they called?
  6. I love those shoes! I plan on ordering them sooooon! Congrats on your loot PP32!
  7. Swwweeeeetttttt!
  8. AMMMAZING Shoes! Those are awesome!!! Congrats :P
  9. Those shoes are cuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!
  10. ahhhh i love the wallet!! where did you get it and may i ask how much?? I need a new wallet for all these new Coal Ceylon bags i got :P

  11. I purchased the wallet from Luna Boston in Boston. However, they don't have that specific wallet anymore. But here is are links for all the many cool LAMB items that they do sell. It may be possible that you could call and see if they can try to get it for you not sure though.

    Enjoy and good luck!