LAMB Rehab!

  1. The Music line- which has our Fadeouts and Rocksteadys have the type of leather that is sort of meant to get naturally distressed. But I've still treated mine w/ Applegard products- the cleaner, conditioner and protectant spray.
  2. Ok- first off yesterday I tried some Tide on the Velour w/ a baby toothbrush and light circles/strokes so not to hurt the velour. I've noticed only a tiny bit of improvement. What else can I do? Another Tide treatment? Oh and by the way, I used a fan on a low setting to gently dry it, too. No rings, but one spot of velour looks a little "rough" the other sides are fine, just not clean enough yet.

    I'd post pics, but I can't get the dinginess captured very well. If you look in the "L.a.m.b. in Action" thread my Capri is running away and you cannot tell at all really in those pics that she has some dirty velour. She looks stunning in those pics. But the velour needs work!!
  3. I would use woolite to clean it - not tide. It can be harsh especially with delicate materials.

    Do the same as what you did before, and when you're done, "brush" the velour with a dry toothbrush to pick up the "pile" and soften a bit.
  4. yvalenz, what size and brand brushes are you using to rehab the black and white stripes on signature peices?

    also the black on the rasta looks a bit more like a brown/black. do you now what color to use on that?

    jillian and i may do some rehabbing this weekend and i want to get the stuff :heart:

  5. I did initially try Woolite a while back....... didn't do anything. Maybe Woolite again???? Straight Woolite? or Diluted w/ cold water?
  6. Legsie: Use tide but just be careful with it - as long as it's pretty diluted it should be okay. You might want to also try just a bit of the liquid oxyclean to help brighten it.

    GLamb: I used two things: First the 1-inch sponge paint brushes. I applied one coat, and they worked good but the paint itself did re-crack. The second time I used a smaller brush (actually a cheap eye-shadow brush) and used a thinner coat, and did 2 coats. One was horizontal to get good coverage and the second vertical. I had a bunch of brown leather showing through though - so you might only need the one thin coat.

    Also make sure you MOVE the leather while the paint is still wet. that'll help set it into the creases and it won't "crack" again when dried. Condition about a day after it's fully dried since it's still leather. I just did small parts at a time, and held the bag at the top and bottom and made like a 'wave' with it back and forth - does that make sense?
  7. ^ So if I paint over the stripe, it won't get worse? I am afraid if I paint over the cracking it will look whiter but still show the cracks. Will they not show if I paint over them?
  8. Go back a few posts and see the close-up of my Alston stripe. No cracking shows through.

    if there's just a few lines that need to be filled in, you might want to try a paint marker or just "touch up" those areas rather than a full repaint.
  9. I guess I'm gonna try it. What store did you get the paints at? I wish I could just send it to you and have you do it.
  10. ^ LOL - it's really not that hard. I got everything at Michael's. I'm sure any craft store would work - I used an acrylic paint

    Others have used the Galaxy markers in Milky Way White (I couldn't find this so had to use other options).
  11. Yvonne - can I just hire you to work your magic instead? lol.

    I'm afraid I'll do more harm than help to my LAMBs. haha.
  12. I haven't tried doing anything more to my Capri. Still have to get some liquid OxyClean but haven't yet.
  13. So, how do I decompress after a stressful day/week/month? With some LAMB rehab of course.
    Yes, I got a deal on the Rasta Mandy....but it had more flaws than expected. DAMN!! Another great bag, another project.

    Here's the before pics:

    Looks beautiful right?

    Look closer.....closer.....really close....


    All the sides next to the edges had color removal and missing paint.
    :faint::wtf::cry: You get what you pay for.....why can't I just find the perfect OGLAMB?? On to the clean-up and restore project....
  14. Oof!! Poor corners!