LAMB Rehab!

  1. Okay - here's the whole long process.

    Outside: Started with Applecare products Leather Cleaner to get it cleaned. The cleaner works really good at cleaning dirt/grime from leather and coated canvas without ruining the finish.

    Then treated outside with Apple Leather Conditioner. two coats on the leather parts.

    Stripe: Taped off black area with masking tape.
    White stripe was Ceramcoat Acrylic Paint in Magnolia White. This is a softer white that most matches the bag. (I tested about 5 colors)
    Black was DecoArt Americana Black
    Used a small brush to paint on width-wise. (not length - caused streaks).
    "moved" the stripe as it was drying to prevent cracking.
    Applied a very thin layer of Americana Gloss for shine.

    Turned bag inside out because it was a big ole mess!! Had to.
    Inside: Used Woolite to start cleaning the inside. Didn't work. Moved to Tide with Color Guard - worked like a charm!
    Used a soft-bristled brush on most parts to scrub clean, toothbrush for corners/piping areas.
    Smells: Lovinmybags Odor Out Candies. I had one left from my prior order, it was a bit old, but tried it anyway. it's been pretty good but hasn't totally removed the smell - it's faint, but still there. Ordered a fresh one for one final stink removal. It should work.

    What didn't work: Prisma paint markers in black, brick white. You could see the paint - the white didn't really cover, and the black looked more purple. Had to remove it.
    Sponge-brush. It caused streaks, paint was a bit too thick. I don't know if this was just me - I think others have used a sponge and it's been fine.

    In one spot, the masking tape was not as secure as it should have been and there was a splotch of white paint on the black stripe. I used a q-tip and soapy water, gently rubbed the area and then pushed back the paint with my nail - and removed the excess.

    Whew!!! Glad it all worked and is finally over!
  2. and here's GF bag out at DLand this week
  3. both of your bags now look fantastic!
    i have a question about the applecare cleaner that you used on your you think it would work on something from the kensington collection? or does anyone have suggestions on something that might? i bought a bag, and it's a bit dingy and could use a little extra love. i'm scared to try anything on that leather though. tia
  4. I used it on my kensington wallet and it's just fine. Be gentle - I wouldn't use a terrycloth towel - some are too scratchy. I use microfiber cloths that are for autos. Put product on towel, rub into towel and then rub in small circles on bag. ;)
  5. Amazing job yvonne! I will definitely be coming to you if any of my bags need attention! haha.

    No... really ....;)
  6. Wow Yvonne, your Saddle Alston looks so fantastic! You have such diligence to clean it but so worth it!
  7. Your alston looks amazing now!
  8. yvalenz :heart: this thread needs to be made need to post all rehabs can be our tutorial!

    ps...i followed your instructions and rehabbed that dooney...all better!
  9. i love your name :heart:333
  10. Yvonne- BRAVO!!! Lovely lovely job! Such patience you have. Which I lack I really need to do that to my Capri! No, still haven't cleaned it. I tried a little bit- only w/ Woolite.......but gave up. I guess I need Tide for that Velour??
  11. Thanks for the tip. I will definitely give that a try.

    thanks! :smile:
  12. Love this photo! I told my son we will be required to wear silly headgear at DL. (awesome bag too Yvonne!)
  13. ^ Mickey ears and other d-land headgear is a must at d-land.... it's the only place you don't look silly doing it! haha.
  14. Thanks for listing all the products you used!!!

    And just want to make sure, are these the paints you used?

    Thanks again - you're so crafty (in a good way ;))!

  15. Seconded!

    I still need help with my fading fadeout. Any suggestions?

    I think I remember reading in another forum (maybe RM?) that some TPFers colored their bags with special dye to change the colors?