LAMB Rehab!

  1. Yes the stuff is still at Michaels. There is a an aisle with a ton of acrylic paint. Be sure to use the better brands like Delta, Martha, or even Folk. Steer clear of the Michaels brand. The pens are called Prisma something or rather. I haven't bought any for awhile but they still should be there. They did bring in a new line called Copic that may work well too.

  2. Hello ladies! I've been lurking this forum for awhile but I signed up to ask a few questions about cleaning a Love Capri satchel in the frosted silver color. I found one for a really good deal, so I went ahead and purchased it, but it needs some TLC.

    I've never tried to rehab a bag before, so I thought I'd double check what you guys think before I did anything.

    Overall, it just looks dirty. Its pretty even but its very beige. There are a few darker spots, and the tassels and handles are pretty gross. The inside is clean spot - wise, but is generally just more beige than it should be.

    From what I've read so far, it seems I should use Apple Garde cleaner and conditioner, then the spray to seal it? What do you guys recommend for the inside? The bag is pretty dirty, should I try to get some of the dirt out with water first? Let me know what you guys think.

    Also, I apologize for bumping the old thread, but I'm pretty eager to get started and I can't wait the 5 days to become a 'real' member! Haha.

  3. I found a "Angel Lux" that a bit of fraying along the seams. I did a search online for remedies. At a craft website, they suggested "clear nail polish" to seal the ends. I tried this and it seems to work. The clear nail polish seals the fabric without changing the color. When it dries, carefully snip at the ends. :smile:
  4. does it work long term? eventually the polish would wear off, right?
  5. I think on a (durable) fabric bag it would be long term. A bag like the Angel Lux, (metallic) I think I'd just be careful that it doesn't snag.