LAMB Rasta Esquire @ Nordstrom Rack, MI

  1. The Nordstrom Rack in Troy, MI (248-764-2121) has 2 LAMB Rasta Esquire Satchels in Ombre for $229.00. I saw them this afternoon and they are beautiful. They also have a few Lockheart bags. Just wanted to let you guys know. Have fun shopping!
  2. Could someone please post a photo of this bag? I cannpt find one.
  3. These aren't the best pictures...but the first is the style of the bag and the second shows it in the rasta color
    lux2-10comp.jpg 042707lookb.jpg
  4. ooh...i see where i was confused! esquivel, not esquire! :smile: thanks for posting, but i'm dying for a st. thomas rasta tote to take to work...sigh.
  5. Oops, sorry! Everyone would know which bag I was talking about if I spelled it correctly. :shame: I thought it was a great deal, but I have just bought 2 Coach bags in the last week!
  6. NR downtown SF has several of them in lipstick (the one with red patent) and rasta yesterday.. 415 934 1211