LAMB ornaments...

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  1. hi lovers!

    It's fall and that time for me to make ornaments again!

    I'm making some originals...but! I was hoping you guys would give me some feedback on what prints I should consider making?

    I have hq rasta, saddle, silver (OG) already...

    plus, im going to make some lesport ones...

    pretty please!

  2. oohh, a "Love" collection would be great! like take red leather and some velvet and gold trim...ooohhh lol the red would be ahmayzing!
  3. cheetah or leopard!! and I'm going to buy them all! :biggrin:
  4. I want to see these ornaments! You're so creative Donna!
  5. cheryl!

    here goes the rasta one i made last year.

    theirs so many prints to choose from!
  6. hey i cant post it...what happened to the easy way to post!!! bahh!