LAMB, Jill Stuart and Harajuku Lovers Sample Sale

  1. LAMB, Jill Stuart and Harajuku Lovers handbags and accessories
    Dec. 4: 8-8pm
    Dec. 5: 8-6 pm

    Metropolitan Pavilion
    123 W. 18th Street, 5th Floor

    I have no information about phone/mail orders, but I guess this is an in-person sale.
  2. Thanks for sharing!
  3. It turns out the sale started today. I learned this when reading the New York Post after work. I ran over there and couldn't justify anything, but the prices were amazing.
    Nothing is over $250 and the cheapest item is $45.
    There were Carlisle clutches in four or five different patterns for 179 or less
    Lots of styles in the rasta and the saddle print
    Cheetah print.
    There were lots of all-leather bags that were sooo soft.
    If you're a fan, I think it is a really good sale.
  4. Yea.. I hit up the sample sale.. there are some good finds and pretty good prices!