LAMB(I JUST BOUGHT)post new LAMB Purchases

  1. Can you post pictures of this, please? Just curious what it looks like?
  2. [​IMG]
  3. Oh my gosh! So disappointing. Lining, out of all things, should not be ripping.
  4. Yeah...I'm not too excited about it...I've never had any other bag rip on me like that, except for my first ever Betsey purse. Cheap lining is quite disappointing.
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  6. Sorry but we don't sell on here, you can ask people to keep a look out for one in another thread. Great deal though! :smile:
  7. I admit I have a shopping dakota!

  8. cute new dakota!
  9. that's a very nice bag :graucho:
  10. I am looking for a blue hobo smyth ...where oh where can I find one?
  11. LAMB(I JUST BOUGHT)post new LAMB Purchases
  12. loving the colour and print on the dakota
  13. Just bought a frosted silver aviano. The bag is beautiful, but I'm wondering if I should put scotchgard or something on it to keep it clean. Anyone have any experience with these bags? Thanks.
  14. i love lamb
  15. nice bag you got there. I recently bought a fendi zucca from Poshmoda. I love it. my sister wants the same bag but I told her not to because we will look like little twins ahaha. The bag is actually luxurious looking for a very cheap price. Never thought I'd buy one, I am also thinking of getting a new lamb.yep. I am inlove with bags. I always make sure that if I step of the house I am carrying a bag of any