LAMB(I JUST BOUGHT)post new LAMB Purchases

  1. Called Nordstrom and they found one zip wallet in saddle for me in San Diego! I cant wait to get it! My Mandeville in Saddle wont be to lonely for long.:yahoo:
  2. Wow, good deal! Be careful though....LAMB is so addictive. Post pics when you get it!

    I just won a Rasta Marley Hill yesterday on eBay. Don't you hate the waiting????
  3. How exciting!! Congratulations!!! Knasarae's right, make sure you post pics for us as soon as it arrives!!! It feeds our sickness.....:shame: :lol:
  4. I will post! I have never used eBay to buy anything. Is it really safe? How do I know they are legit. I would love a Rasta wallet.
  5. addictive i don't think is the word for it. I have already gotten 3 different purses this month. (one of them is the LAMB mandeville in rasta) I feel the need to get another LAMB. I want something in shadow.. Oxford or the carlisle (although i kind of want that in the cheetah) or the montego. I also want a bulleye ashton. Hopefully the BF listens to the rambling when we talk at night and get one for V-day or our anniversary!
  6. I think if the seller's feedback is good (and substantial) it'll be okay. The newer bags aren't known to have fakes yet, so there's a lot of good scores out there right now. I say go for it! ;)
  7. It's been great with all the sales, but soooo exhausting on the wallet! I almost peed when the Fall clothes went on sale but then we got sneak peeks at Spring '08! I can't keep up darnit!!!!:sweatdrop:
  8. I know. I see all the sales. Shopbop has some good LAMB clothing on sale. I want this jacket so bad! I went to SAKS site and they have a really good photo of the sequin houndstooth dress. The shoes! Oh my...My plan is to get the shoes from revolveclothing as a first time buyer and get 30% off the purchase. Thats a good saving, plus free s/h, and no tax. I will be going back to Off Saks next month I hope. Should I get the Rasta in the Mandeville or the Kingston?
  9. [​IMG]
  10. Love this!
  11. has the lamb runway show.
  12. congrats!
  13. Yes, I watched it a while back. What I wouldn't have given to be there in person! :girlsigh:
  14. im waiting for my lipstick mandeville satchel..cant wait!!
  15. Congrats! You'll love it, it's such a kick ass bag!