Lamb Fans Wearing their bags

  1. Here's a picture to show those colors:

  2. yeah i think id go with the red then.....i wonder how it fits over the shoulder on a curvy girl....
  3. ps- thank you cheryl soo much for finding the pic for me!!
  4. I have a black one (might be the aviano and not the imperia). I'll try to snap a pic later and post.
  5. The Aviano is 17" 8 7" * 5.5"
    The Imperia is a little bit bigger at 18 1/2" * 8 1/2" * 7 1/2"
    if that helps:smile:
  6. ^^Thanks Y! I knew it was Frosted something...
  7. oh my frosted fantasy!!!! i looooove that one!!!! :drools:

    but the straps totally look like handheld of elbow crease only....i know barbie got it on her shoulder, but im more roseann barr.....dont think itll work
  8. ^ yeah, the handle drop is 6"... It will be a little snug on the shoulder if you have larger arms (guilty!!!!)
  9. Aw thanks Wifey :blush: My wrist says Carpe Diem, I have lots more I keep under wraps in my work attire. And even if the Imperia doesn't fit under your arm it still looks really cute as a satchel, so I guess it just depends on your preference.

    Knas - so happy you love the bag, it looks so good on you!
  10. .... Seriously, that bag wears you! Great outfit too! Totally rockn' the AAW!


  11. Knas, we need a picture of you modeling Saddle Marigold Worthington!:graucho:
  12. I'm all LAMBed out today. Harajuku Lovers t-shirt and "Angel" ID bracelet. LAMB watch and Rasta Cyprus. :biggrin:

  13. ^i love the L.A.M.B. but what i really want to know is where'd you get your JEANS!?