Lamb Fans Wearing their bags

  1. Here's me w/ Silver Esquivel

    Pic 1~ Rocker style - the sweatshirt is from a band by the name of Brother that I've seen twice this year.

    Pic 2~ With L.a.m.b. Knot tank!!!
  2. C'mon, lambies!! Am I the only one who rocked L.A.M.B. over the holiday?
  3. ^^ Legs! I am SOOO regretting I didn't get that tank!!! Wish I had it, that pic just reminded me!
  4. Awww! Maybe you can find one on eBay?? I wear mine a LOT! I knew I would.
  5. I actually love doing these pics!! So a "bump" and a new pic:

    L.A.M.B. Ombre Checkerboard Exeter
    L.A.M.B. Katella Woven sneaks
    BGBG Hoodie
    Faded Glory Cami
    Vanity jeans
  6. Here's a picture of me with my Love Imperia, per the request of lamblove8 (sorry i look like such a dork in these, lol). Hope this helps your bag purchasing decision!
    php8HfauWPM.jpg phpexXM0XPM.jpg
  7. ^^^ Wow I didn't realize what a great size and shape that style has. Whoever gets that one posted on eBay right now is one lucky Lambie.
  8. Very pretty BarbieQ
  9. for the lovely lamblove8 --- pictures with the Pavia for scale. (I started with the black until I realized it blended right in my outfit... then I switched to white!)
    phphmf0DHAM.jpg phpoun7vcAM.jpg phpy3O6ubAM.jpg
  10. Thank you so much Barbie! I actually love the black bag, even with the black outfit... it adds a different grain and texture, and the chain adds some sparkle. Very nice! Beautiful pix as always!!! :biggrin::biggrin:
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    Time to revive and bump!! he he! I have some mod shots!! One special request too from Bentley.

    [​IMG] Charlemagne
    [​IMG] Ultraviolet Nikola in Argon (My butter-baby.)
  12. THANKS Legsie!!! OMG I love that sutton! I thought it would be too saggy b/c the leather is soft but its great! Thanks again....

  13. You're so welcome! No, it's not saggy. It scoops down a bit but the piping on the front and back help give it some structure. The leather is a bit thicker than the Music line bags also. Very lush leather on the Kensington bags!
  14. Sorry, didn't realize how dark the pic was til I posted. I am wearing my favorite Harajuku Lovers tee that spells out B-A-N-A-N-A-S on the back. My African Argyle Worthington sure does stand out though! :p

  15. ^^Knas, that bag really pops! Super really suits you!:tup: