LAMB Fall 07

  1. What are your thoughts? :smile: I'm liking the double l crest hoodie and the dolly dress the most out of what I've seen so far.
  2. I love the Dolly dress too! I ordered the flutter sleeve hoodie in chili pepper though!

    I'm a little disappointed with this collection so far though. :sad: I miss the cute little lamb's that were on last season's!

    More stuff should be coming out September 15th though! Including the wild zebra stuff!!
  3. I love the flutter sleeve hoodie - it's too cute! :yes:

    I wasn't really aware of LAMB stuff last season, so I don't know what I'm missing if this collection isn't as pretty - but I guess in a way that's a good thing lol.

    That's awesome that more stuff is coming out in September! That gives me time to save up for something else if I decide to get the hoodie I am eyeing.
  4. Now Nordstrom has it available in black too! :tup:

    For those that don't know what the heck we're talking about, here's a pic!

    Also, here's a link for everyone to check out the Fall '07 Look Book....because I'm too lazy to post pics!!!! :p

    The L.A.M.B. COllection Site
  5. Oh, something I meant to mention earlier - I've heard that the sizes run small, is that true?
  6. I went and checked out the black version - you got the better color (red) anyway. That hoodie is going to be so cute! :tup:
  7. LOL!! I hope so! Thanks! ;) I figured it'll be nice to throw on in the morning's when I take my kids to school and don't want to look like a total old hag!! :p

    I've heard that the sizes run small too! :sad: I'll let you know when it gets here if it's true or not. Gosh I hope not though!!!! :push:

  8. thanks for this link!!! i have been feverously searching!!!!
  9. LOL she does! I think it's supposed to be a Louise Brooks/flapper haircut but it looks all wrong on her. :yucky:

    Finally eluxury got some stuff in! I am getting so antsy waiting for the stuff to show up online because there's no store that sells LAMB anywhere close to me.

    I really like the jackets, but the Plaid Juliet jacket is my fave.
  10. I've totally splurged today. :shame: I just ordered the LAMB double L crest hoodie in Black and the 3.4 oz L fragrance from Nordies! :happydance: And I ordered a Harajuku Lovers shirt from some other random site. I think it's because I'm mad that I don't live in CA and can't go to the Nordstrom LAMB event lol.
  11. I :heart: that hoodie!!! Congrats!

    Have you smelled the fragrance before? It's yummy! I guess she's supposed to come out with body lotion, etc. next month too!! :tup:
  12. Thanks! :smile: I like it to (at least from the pics online).

    I haven't smelled it- and I NEVER buy fragrances that I can't sniff first. But, I'm trusting Gwen. I hope she doesn't let me down haha. And I had no idea there was a lotion coming out. Yea! :yahoo:
  13. I think the collection is eh this year. A lot of it is more office/dress wear and that doesn't fit my lifestyle.

    I do really want the oversized vest in Navy and I like the zebra hoodie, but not for $225. The L'agneau (sp?) stuff is cute too.