LAMB Devon Tote?

  1. Hey ya'll.
    I was in Chicago about 3 weeks ago and the Nordstrom Rack on State Street had a couple of LAMB Devon Tote's w/red patent leather accent. Well, I was being dumb and passed up my opportunity. They were priced WAY moderitly, around $270
    Everytime I've called the Nordstrom Rack store it is busy. Does anyone know if they will ship out from their store? Or were I could come across another LAMB Devon tote on sale?
  2. If you know anyone in New York ask them to swing by the LAMB sample sale for you. All bags are less than $250 and they have the devon tote you're asking about.
  3. wow thanx for post
  4. I do not know anyone in New York. I am in the process of authenticating a new Givenchy purchase. If it falls through I would love to purchase this LAMB tote...If so I could send $250 via paypal to someone, if anyone is up for it?!