LAMB convertible clutch?

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  1. I'm desperately seeking the LAMB carlisle convertible clutch in the old cheetah print.......has anyone seen any out there? Thanks!!
  2. There's one on but it's full price. And there's almost always some on ebay. HTH.
  3. Also, have you checked your local Off 5ths? They might still have some and there's always some kinda coupon going around.
  4. Thank you gals!!! I'm having my hubby stop by Off 5th tonight.....I called and supposedly they have one. I don't know if the girl knew what I was talking about though. She said they have a lot of cheetah print, but I'm hoping she isn't holding a clutch wallet for me. I'll have hubby look around.
  5. hopefully it's carlisle.. let us know if you get it or not.. :yes:
  6. Just talked to hubby.......he said it's Carlisle!!! I'm super excited! This is my first LAMB handbag....I have some of her hoodies. I'm an LV gal, but I really, really like her bags now. The price is good, too. He said it's $260ish. Can't wait for him to get home!!
  7. Congrats! You will love the cheetah, it is one of my favorite prints! :love:
  8. YAAAAY! Congrats! you'll be surprise how well the cheetah print goes with all your clothing.. :yes:

    and welcome to the lamb madness.. ;)
  9. Congrats on your new clutch ! The Cheetah print is so fun..
    Too funny how we get our hubbies to go to Off Saks to pick up our LAMBs for us :smile::lol::lol: Mine went the other week to get my CHeetah Kingston and Shadow coin pouch
  10. Thanks girls!!!! I can't wait to see it IRL! I've been wanting a clutch forever and I think this one seems the most functional. I love cheetah prints as well!!!
  11. Congrats! I'm glad we were able to help you find one so quickly!!!! The Carlisle is quite the stunner!
  12. omg congrats!! did you post pics of ur new bag/?? i'm trying to find this bag too at a price that like of course!
  13. congrats!!! i'd love to see pics!