LAMB Carlisle Clutch in Cheetah or Rasta.

  1. Ok I was going to get this purse this week. But Got the Rasta Mandeville instead. I know as of yesterday that the off Saks near me had the cheetah and the rasta. I don't really like the cheetah in anything but this purse so if i want cheetah i guess i need to do this.. and I all ready have the rasta mandeville... Can someone do a Guts post or at least list the things that they can carry in their Carlisle... I really would like one for nighttime work events... but want to know what i could carry in it... also any modeling picks would rock!
  2. I think you need dollyrusso on this one. She's like the Queen of Carlisles. I tried the rasta one on in the store and was suprised at how much room it had when it was unfolded. But I didn't actually put anything in it.
  3. yeah that is what is shocking to me... I just wonder what it's like when it is folded over.. Is it like a clown car bag??? I think I totally want one cause well they are super unique.... but.... i am really stuck.. I love the Rasta but I want to diversify my LAMB collection... When I was super crazy about HL. (in college they were good now that i am graduating i want something eles) I tryed to get as many different fabrics as i could.. I wonder if i could sell any of them and get money for LAMB... mmmm i've never sold a hand bag before.
  4. Hi guys, this is REAL quick with my cellphone. IT can also fit my blackberry but I used it to take the pic. This is what it fits if you want to fold it down and not have it be lumpy. If you don't mind lumpy, I've also carried long gloves, and a larger makeup bag. If you carry it like a tote, obviously you can fit more. :smile:

  5. I love RASTA!
  6. Thank you so much that is just what i needed!!! I could totally use that. YAY
  7. Yaaay! Which one are you getting Cheetah or Rasta?
  8. I don't really know. I think that i may do cheetah cause i really don't like the cheetah in anything but this. I guess it will depend what they have left when i get paid this week.
  9. rasta!
  10. I know i am totally leaning towards that one but... I don't want to miss out on cheetah... I also am waiting for shadow cause if i like this one when the shadows go on sale i will totally get one too.
  11. Cheetah! do it do it! then maybe we can be twins!(if I can ever get one on sale b4 they sell out.)
  12. cheetah 4 SURE!!! I just think it goes with SOOO much more than the rasta...IDK- I just like the print A LOT better lol! good luck!
  13. Well I just got some money from an unpaid account that has been dragging it's feet. It may be a two lamb week! (well if i get it before friday it will be anyway hehe
  14. i have the cheetah and i love it. it really does hold a lot more than i could of imagined.
  15. I used my cheetah for the first time today and I love it! It's pretty easy to get in and out of and it holds all of my stuff easily! I love it!!!! I'm debating getting one in LS now!