LAMB Bags on Sale - locations for deals!

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  1. Off 5th still has a good selection of LAMB handbags, including many Cheetah, Rasta and Kensington styles.

    They currently have a 20% off coupon. Not as fun as the 30% off a few weeks ago when they first got them in, but still pretty good!
  2. still has a few of the cheetah and silver print.

    Shopkitson has a bunch of new stuff up and a 15% off code: kitsoncod

  3. Plazatoo has 3 or 4 LAMB bags for great sale prices. Including the original Saddle Mandeville. You'll have to check with them for availability though.

    Also, a few items from the Nordstrom end of the year sale keep re-appearing. I snagged a Lipstick Marley Hill late last week.
  4. Eluxury has some lamb bags on sale and there's a promotion right now for 20% off sale items and free shipping!
  5. I just bought a Lipstick Mandeville today on sale at my Off Fifth in Orlando. It was $230ish total after the 20% off coupon! They had TONS of L.A.M.B. stuff there.
  6. That is such a good price on the Mandeville :tup:

    ShopSavoytruffle on eBay just added a bunch of the new stuff, all below retail! Someone please buy the Camel Checkerboard Commodore....
  7. OMG! OMG! I love this thread. I am so glad you ladies told me about Off 5th. I called them and they told me they have lots of handbags and wallets. I cant wait. They have the black lambskin wallet with the gold L for 180 plus 20% off. I just had surgery, but you best know I will have my sister driving me to the outlet mall tomorrow. I am so happy.
  8. ^^ Don't pop any stitches on your hunt for Lamb!!!
  9. WOW - that's what I call :heart: for the LAMB! Be careful - don't hurt yourself :lol:. ..but please post pics when you get it home!
  10. moving to Deals & Steals. . . .
  11. I will be very careful. I plan on going to that one store and thats it. Hopefully they wont have anything else I like..I hate being additcted to handbags, and shoes..There is no over coming this. But at least I will have some great bags to show for it. If only Saks had those carts you can ride in when you are ill. I would be riding in circles around that store all day. And she said she had alot! ALOT! I dont think these Dallas women know what their missing, but thats good for me to.
  12. I went to Off 5th week ago with 30% off coupon considering purchasing a L.A.M.B. bag but didn't. Can someone please fill me in what's so special about their bags? Thank you.
  13. ^ I don't think there's necessarily anything "so special" about them. I think people buy them because they like the particular look or style of the purse. The Mandeville I just purchased is my first L.A.M.B. (mostly because I'm partial to other brands). I bought it because I like the material, and the style (Lipstick) because the red patent really pops. I have a Prada wallet in the same material, and I swear it's impossible to scratch or ruin, so I was really excited a lot of the L.A.M.B. line is made out of a similar material. I do, however, think the line is overpriced, so I waited until I found a great sale to buy mine! Maybe L.A.M.B. just isn't your style. I hope you put the 30% off coupon to good use though!
  14. My Purse Addiction,

    Got it! Thank you.:smile:
  15. I can tell you why Sweetee. Its edgy! Funky! and says I have style beyond LOUIS, FENDI, PRADA, CHLOE...I have all those bags, and they say style with high dollar. But LAMB is totally different. I mean look at Gwen. Thats your answer. Iconic style. I am a writer by the way :smile: