Lamarthe bags

  1. Hello,

    I found some beautiful bags looking at, the brand is Lamarthe.
    Any comments on this brand? Is the leather good?
  2. My mom has two Lamarthe bags that she bought in Paris - one was bought 6 years ago, the other this year....and IMO, Lamarthe is a really good brand. The leather is nice. My mom has two roomier bags and she can fit a lot of stuff in both of them. Overall, I'd recommend Lamarthe (plus, it's a nice change from the more popular handbag brands!)
  3. Is it Didier Lamarthe? if so I have a great one from about 5 years ago that's still great
  4. I found a really nice black Lamarthe at TJMaxx for a really great price, but by the time I decided to buy, it was gone! I find TJMaxx has a great selection of handbags, mostly lower-end but some higher-end, but you have to get it while it's there!
  5. Do you have any pics?
  6. Don't know...the symbol is an unicorn, the web site is Lamarthe
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