Lala And Her Spy

  1. [​IMG]
  2. I:heart:the SPY she has!!!
  3. She walked past me in Vegas a few years ago. She's stunning and so is her bag!
  4. who is she?
  5. i want that bag
  6. Ditto.

    :rochard::rochard:Go Mavs, as well! Love your sig! Makes me proud to be an ex-Dallasite. :graucho:
  7. I hate to say it (don't crucify me), but I'm pretty sure that her sequinned spy is ... fake. The handles are the first give away, and the color of the sequins are the second.
  8. Lala Is A Vj On Mtv.
  9. I dont know if it is fake. It looks alittle weird IMO. But i am NO handbag queen. However i do love the bag and her shoes are goregous!
  10. She's sooo pretty and I love the bag!
  11. I doubt LaLa is carrying a fake. She happens to be engaged to one of the top NBA players Carmelo Anthony. He is crazy in love with her. .
  12. It's possible that she had her stylist or publicist get her the bag, and doesn't know that it's a fake. Paris Hilton and Anna Kournikova both have been identified carrying fake bags (and they are both filthy rich, so money's no issue with them either). But it's definitely a fake. The authentic sequinned spy is a cognac spy so the handles are a light reddish brown color (not the dark brown of the fake bag), and the color of the sequins is completely different!

    Here's an example of a fake sequinned spy from an ebay auction. It's identical to the one she's carrying.

    To compare, fake (photo credit: ebay) vs. authentic (photo credit: Greendrv's personal collection). It's a HUGE difference.
    Fendi sequinned spy fake.JPG Fendi sequinned spy authentic.jpg
  13. your spy is gorgeous:heart: , can I ask how much did you pay for it/retail price? I know that it is discontinued so even If I want one, I can't get it:sad:
  14. Flo, I'll PM you.
  15. Paris Hilton has been known to carry replicas. I'm unable to tell if this bag is real or not, I'm sure that it is. But.... just because someone is VERY WEALTHY does not mean every bag is authentic. Again, look at Paris Hilton the Queen of FAKES.