Lakshmi Menon

  1. Interesting tidbits on the beautiful model in the S/S adverts...


    Lakshmi Menon in Spring Hermes Ads

    Looks like one desi model is ready to take on the western modeling world...Indian-born Lakshmi Menon is the face of the Spring 2008 Hermes advertisements. The ads are regal and colorful, with hints of the upcoming Holi holiday from the use of colors as well as colonial India via the nehru jackets and jodhpurs Lakshmi wears in the ads.

    [​IMG][​IMG] In addition to these spring ads, Lakshmi walked in the Spring 2008 Hermes and Jean Paul Gaultier shows.

    [​IMG][​IMG]Lakshmi is a well-known model in India already, who has appeared in numerous Swatch ads (below) and graced the cover of the first Vogue India issue. Let's hope we see more of her in the U.S. and Europe!

  2. Thanks for posting. She's a stunningly beautiful woman. Love those ads.
  3. She's gorgeous! Love those pics!
  4. Gorgeous!
  5. Gosh, isnt she stunning.
  6. She's beautiful! :yes: I'm so jealous of her gorgeous skin! :love:
  7. She is gorgeous!
  8. What a beautiful face! Thanks for posting, beaumonde.
  9. thanks for the pictures & info.

    just love it that H wraps everything into a thematic year.
  10. Excellent choice for the ad champaign! Hope she goes far!