Lake of the Ozarks, Missouri~E&J's Designer Shoe Store.

  1. It just opened and I abhore such places. You know, discount anything at huge discount malls located near tourist attractions. If these places have something desireable *while you're shopping at one* you think, Ok?? I'm here, I'll bite, but alas your size is not available and you're too tired to pick through the mounds of unhung/boxed items.

    Well today not so the case. Within 15 minuted inside this E&J's I bought one pair of Meuzzi's sandals for 25 dollars; on pair of flat Lillian Pullitzer black sandals, 20 dollars; one stilletto black Anne Klein's for 40 dollars (they are drop dead and normally retail for 220 bucks); one pair of dull bronse (tiny wrapped chains on the leather) thong by Van Elli for 20 dollars and last a gold walking sandal from the Italian manufactuer "Parts" for 20 dollars.

    Bottom line all these shoes add up to less than what I normally pay for one pair of shoes?????????

    I think I had an awesome day and OH???? Three had leather soles and wood heels???????? Like totally WOW!!!!!:nuts:

    Gee? I guess this makes me a fan??!!!:okay:
  2. LOL. Maybe it's still somewhat manageable to rummage through b/c it's new? It sounds like you found some amazing things! You should try to post photos if you can. I'm sure a lot of us would like to see what goodies you were able to grab. :yes:

    I scored some Jimmy Choo boots today for nearly $400 (normally $1000+) and I thought that was a deal, which it is, but yours may have been better. hehe:p
  3. Congratulations! What a steal! You must be so stoked!

  4. I'll be in Chicago this weekend and I would be THRILLED to get a score like YOURS. Let's both post pics!