Lake Arrowhead outlet?

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  1. Does anyone shop the Lake Arrowhead outlet? I know it's a smaller store, but I was wondering if maybe they had good stuff just because it isn't picked over like some of the busier more accessible stores. Just curious, I don't want to waste my time driving up there if they never have anything good.
  2. I haven't been there since early December, but when I was last there I found a few pilot sabrinas. They don't have a lot of FP deletes but I did find a audrey in November while it was still at the boutique for 50%. The SA's were very helpful, my BF called them an hour after closing and they still helped him put it on hold and gave him honest answers.

    Also, the location is breathtaking and all the locals are so nice!
  3. Hmm, I prefer FP deletes. Maybe they don't get a lot since they don't get as much business as some of the other outlets. I might still check it out sometime. It wouldn't be a complete waste of time since it's such a beautiful location.
  4. Anyone been lately? Wondering if they got any good deletes.
  5. Its kindda weird all the bags that ive got chargesends to me are from this outlet, all of them deletes. When ever my local outlet -milipitas,ca doesnt have an item, i make them check this store and they usually have it. I got my metallic claire,pilot sabrina and lately a poppy bag from here.Im thinking this store might not be that busy.
  6. That's interesting. I don't think they are as busy as the other outlets in the area simply because of their remote location. I might make the trip up there soon.
  7. I talked to an SA who once worked there. She now works at OM and she said the Arrowhead outlet was small with few deletes and she was surprised to see how many deletes OM gets...

    I think if I was driving any type of distance I'd go to Barstow or Cabazon as they are large/fashion outlets. But I don't know where you are located so YMMV.
  8. I'm located between Barstow and OM. I can get to Barstow in about 30 min and Ontario in 40. I normally go to Barstow. They get a decent amount of deletes, but nothing like reported at the other outlets. I rarely find anything good at OM. I made the long trip to cabazon once and found nothing, but it was a busy holiday weekend. Maybe I need to give them another try.