lake arrowhead outlet!

  1. So I went to this outlet in the mountains because this one and the one in BArstow are the only 2 around here that sell the signature line!
    THey had the new orange signature ombre large soft tote marked down to $325 with an additional 20%off, also the signature ombre framed clutch marked down with an additional 20% off. I am thinking about going back. The hamptons was an additonal 40% off some basic black and brown signature pieces were marked down 20%. I just could not find something "big" enough. I love big bags and most of the signature totes are small. So I bought a green large hobo for $54.97 and a cute signature wristlet with the white back ground and pink/green and light pink "c" SOrry I am not familiar with the names! I am now obessing about COach bags ( my previous obession was Dooneys!)
    Over all I am pretty happy with my first Coach Bag- I am still on the look out for my signature tote and a scarf to dress up my gree hobo!!
  2. Welcome to the forum & congrats on your first will love it. We would all love to see what you bought, do you have pictures?
  3. Yes, do share pictures! I'd love to see what green bag you got!
  4. congrats!!
  5. Congrats on your new purchases and welcome to TPF!
  6. Congratulations!!
  7. Welcome to tPF, Congrats on your purchases! Can we see pictures?
  8. when I figure out how to post pictures! But my green bag is the exact one that coachkatie got from the vegas outlet. The wrislet has a white back ground with hot pink, green and light pink C's. SO cute!
    I was looking at the signature pieces and the bags are small but hard to the touch. Is that the way they all feel?