L'AIR DE GINZA 06 Twilly

  1. Wow, that's gorgeous!!!
  2. Gorgeous, never seen one in a store
  3. NYC had them in black, so it's not a Tokyo exclusive. Not sure if there are any remaining in NYC. Doesn't hurt to call them though.
  4. uh oh i think i NEED one.
  5. ruh-oh.... I LOVE it!!
  6. Not on topic, but have you ladies seen the Toyko twilly? GORGEOUS. They had it in black in NYC
  7. Ooops! I goofed in my earlier post. This specific twilly in the auction is exclusively for the Tokyo store. But, similar twillys are being sold under the title of Passage de Tokyo. They will not have the Air de Ginza tag, though.
  8. Good to know that we can get similar ones!
  9. thanks....think i'll wait till my store gets the Passage do Tokyo ones.....

    the twillys we have here are soooo outdated. :push: