Laine Et Cuir - Hermes Pom Poms

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  1. Bought my violet B to the store the other day and the SA suggested that I get the poms poms to match the bag... (the colors are violet, cafe and vert anis). It's rather fun and cutsey...


  2. Love it!!!!
  3. So beautiful both your bag and the pom pom together. Congratulations!! :tup::tup:
  4. Love it! I believe MrsSparkles said in her thread there were many colors to choose from?
  5. Did you buy them in the US? I love them!
  6. Cute! Love the bag.
  7. Very cutesey!
    Do they come in an assortment of colors?
  8. they are soo adorable!!
    may i know the pricing on that?
  9. they are very cute!
  10. very very cute. may i ask what is the price also?
  11. Price about US$165.

    The current batch that my store received are all in the same color combo- violet, cafe and vert anis. The next batch may be a different combination. One of the tpfers also got the same combo from paris. So the current production may be in this combo
  12. I love those pom poms with your bag....
  13. I love the pom pom-it's so adorable! I will definitely try to find a set when I am in H next time...
  14. archangel, those pom-poms are downright cute! :smile:
  15. So cute! I want some too.