Laid off :(.... Louis Vuitton?

  1. Good luck in your search! I agree with the others that you should apply for unemployment. A job search rarely runs on your time table and better safe than sorry. That being said now probably isn't the time to buy anything new, but I do think it is premature to sell bags and other clothes you have unless you were thinking of getting rid of them anyway. If you DO decide to sell, put the money that you earn aside and save it for a rainy day...that way if you need a pick me up (and I don't mean buying a new bag, it could be going to dinner with a friend) you won't feel horrible.

    Best wishes! I have been there (and it was during the summer when everyone was on vacation (ie. not hiring.) But you never know...I did get a job that was the very first place I had interviewed at (it just took them 2 months to sign the papers.) And, those few weeks between signing the papers and starting the job are AWESOME! So you have that to look forward to :smile:
  2. I am sorry to hear about you getting laid off!

    You have a good head on your shoulders and you are doing totaly back in the game! You're looking for jobs, getting your name and resume out there - you go girl!!!

    Don't feel bad about applying for Unemployment. Think of it this way: this is like a savings account you build up in the past few years. This savings acount is going to help you get through the next few months :smile:
  3. Update!

    Had a phone interview today, they contacted my recruiter right away, said it went great and wanted to see me face to face :smile: ... So I have a face to face interview on Wednesday afternoon, I also have another job interview on Monday that I am really excited about, and a 3rd potential interview Wednesday morning

    Yay :smile:
  4. That is so exciting! Good luck!! :smile:
  5. Sorry to hear about being laid off. I have been through this before and it is no fun!
    You sound level headed and eager to work so my bet is you will land on your feet - good luck on your interviews! (and I agree - leave the LV at home :yes:)
  6. You are a young, hard working lady and should not feel ashamed to file for unemployment benefits. I'm sure you had to pay lots of taxes while you were making $100,000 so I believe that you deserve some help when things take an unexpected turn for the worse. It's sadly the people who abuse the system and just want a free ride that make programs like unemployment feel shameful for the majority of people.

    Anyway, I'm glad to hear about your phone interviews and hope you find a position soon.
  7. I am so sorry to here this. It is devastating. It doesn 't matter what your age or experience. the end result is the same.
    I have been laid off six months now and posted about my horrible situation after it happened. Have not sold my beloved LV bags--yet. I figured which ones I would keep and those that I would sell, but have not done it yet.
    What is is your favor is that you are young and that makes you desirable to employers. Sacrifice only what you must. I would keep a classic if I could.
    My best wishes to you! You will make it!
  8. Thanks everyone for all the kind words!!

    Update: I have a third and final interview for what seems to be my dream job :heart: the title is a corporate financial analyst, but its kind of an open ended job with several different duties. The main people I will be working with were amazing, my second interview, which was more of a real interview was amazing, it was like having a conversation with my friends. The thing I like the best about them is they are so into making sure they pick the right personality to fit their group,which is so important to me. The whole place seemed so laid back, some people wearing jeans, everyone had a smile on their face... and not to mention I would have an office eek bye bye cubicles lol .... Anyways I was selected as one of the final 2 people for a final interview which will be on Monday at 1, with the president of the company and his wife who also works there. The other thing I love about this is the entire mission of this place, its a large non profit that focuses on clincical research primarily for HIV and Cancer, thats amazing right? Working for a place that does good things!! Anyways, not sure who the other person interviewing is or what their background is but eek we shall see!!

    I also think I decided that if i dont get this job, i might contimplate taking the rest of the spring and summer off and focusing on getting my masters and passing my cpa exam. But that is only if I don't get this job, however, who knows because I would probably feel like a slacker if I actually did this, but it sounds nice lol

    PS no unemployment check as of yet, even thought I got a notice that I was determined to be eligible and the amount I was eligible for (The max 635 a week less 10% for taxes).... What if i was someone who desperatley needed that money?! Strange! Its been since the very beginning of March.

    Opinion- If you found a job that you think you will LOVE and be there long term, would you take it, or would you take advantage of this time that you can actually take a few months off and still be productive by working on your maters and CPA? Just wondering what others think.
    Another option I would consider is moving to Dubai for the Spring/ Summer if I don't get this job, I would live with Family, maybe help out at their business (My uncle owns a chain of law offices, I'm sure he could find me a position doing something lol) Plus he would provide me with a car and if i really wanted my own place, although, I would prefer staying with family since it would all be so new to me

  9. i felt this way when i had to take maternity leave from work to have my baby...

    i was making no money at all, yet here i am swinging my luxury bags

    well, the girls at my job told me to file for temporary disability.

    i was not diabled though!

    yet, after 2 weeks of no income and no working, i started feeling a fraud like you described...

    even though i know now that i was on maternity leave, at the time, i had honestly thought i had quit my job.

    i filed for tdi, and they paid me back the money that i had already been paying in taxes for years....

    it was free money to me, and i used it to go shopping.
    then, i went back to work.

    girl, just think of this as a vacation..
  10. as for your last question...i personally would never file for unemployment unless i really needed the break.
    with my first kid, i did not do temporary disability....but with my second baby, i definitely needed a break from working, and just wanted to hang out and relax with the family and enjoy my life for awhile.and i have no regrets.

    when i was younger, i was laid off at one job...and even though my boss told me to file for unemployment, i did start the process, but i was thinking to myself after 2 days of not working "man, this is crazy...?who wants to sit around doing nothing but collecting paychecks that are smaller than what i could be making?"

    i personally like to earn a big paycheck, not settle for a fraction of one.

    i didn't follow up on that unemployment-i went out that same day and got two more jobs.

    i was out of work for exactly 4 days...and the next week, i had 2 paychecks coming in, equal to 5 times the amount of the unemployment check i would've gotten for sitting around on my bum all week.

  11. So sorry to hear this! You, dear, are beautiful and brains and nowhere are you a "fraud" just because you got laid off, driving a new car, and carrying LVs. Getting laid off was unfortunate, but don't overthink it. I am sorry you have to go through this.

    I hope you'll find another job with high pay soon and yes, next time save 60-70% of paycheck before spending. Good-luck and best wishes to you!
  12. just an fyi you are not taking money from anyone thats yours . no one gets denied unemployment because there is to mant people receiving it and if you never have to ever use unemployment the state keeps the money
    i am an accountant as well and have been laid off 3 different times yikes i just got laid off after picking the wrong job from 3 offers
  13. Best of luck with the interview! Contact the unemployment office to find out how much longer it will be - I know in some states there is a mandatory wait period so maybe that's what's going on.
  14. Well, you will have to let us know how the 3rd and final interview goes.

    On your last question about taking the dream job or trying to get your masters and CPA? Great question with Pro's and Con's on both ends. However, living in the REALITY of what is going on in the world today, our world in the U.S. it is HARD to find the good jobs (especially the dream jobs). If you know you would love this and want this, there is a way of doing it and taking classes during the evenings to get your masters and do all you want to do.
    Good luck!
  15. Lol I love this story, you seemed to have gone through the same thought process as me, and now I am looking at it as a vacation lol :lol: