Laguna beach and great handbags/fashion

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  1. Did anyone notice all the great handbags these high school kids were carrying. I was practically drooling. Oh to have the resources to buy even half of those bags. The girls were juniors in high school and at least 3 of them had fendi spy bags, and you know those weren't fake.
    Their collection of jeans were insane as well. I would love to catch some of their hand me downs.
  2. :lol: I did notice that I was think wow in high school my mom wouldn't even get me a coach bag!
  3. gucci fan">

    Yea, but I think somewhere in the LV forum it's mentioned that many of the LV's were FAKE!!!!
  4. a lot of the bags on the show are fake or inspired, or at least they were when i still watched it.
  5. I hate carrying a fake bag. I would be so embaressed to go on television showing off my fake handbag. I would rather carry a no name cheap one.
  6. Yeah, the LV carryall that Kyndra and Cami had had "feet" on them. LV doesn't make a carryall with feet!
  7. Their LV Keepalls were FAKE!!!!

    If they are carrying around fake LVs, i find it hard to believe that there other bags are real:sad:
  8. I don't watch Laguna anymore, but on the first season Lo and LC would make fun of each other for carrying fake LV's and Fendi/Gucci/grossness.
  9. Yeah, I read that they carry fake handbags on Laguna Beach. Why?? Eww
  10. I don't think the girls know that their bags are fake, because if they did I don't think they would carry them while being filmed, especially Cami and Kyndra. I remember in one of the episodes Cami spent $4000 on clothes at one store! Money obviously means nothing to them, so i don't think they would knowingly buy a fake.

    Can you imagine how embarrassing that must be for people all across the country to see you carrying a fake??
  11. gucci fan">
    I totally agree with you! :yes:
  12. I agree - and I think there is a difference between fake bags and inspired bags. I personally can't afford a real Balenciaga Motorcycle Bag - I just can't - but Besso makes a great motorcycle bag - it's real leather....totally fine for a purse junkie like me....BUT I think that when a bag has monograms or their name, whatever, screaming all over the front, then it's tacky. Inasfar as Hollywood life goes, I'm sure the producers wouldn't keep something like that from the girls. I'm sure it's a major source of conversation.....surprised that they WOULD wear fakes, but probably figure that 95% of the population watching the show wouldn't be hip to the fact that they're fake. I mean - do you think that someone sitting in their living room somewhere in this big US whose paycheck maybe equals what we've paid for a handbag before would even know if LV had feet on the bottom???:confused1:
  13. :wtf: OMG,
    There bags are fake!! Ididn't know that I assumed they were real since cami spent $$ on that one episode! crazy............