Lagoon Clutch, what do you use it for

  1. hi,
    does anyone have that cute little lagoon clutch? (could not find pic)
    do you use it for sunglasses? do you like it? good addition to your collection ?

    thanks for letting me know.
  2. I have a mono...and thanks for your post, because I bought it for my sunglasses and just realized it's sitting in a drawer,!
  3. i want this clutch and was going to get it in the summer but didnt. i still adore it but i will not use it for glasses but as a clutch bag instead.
  4. ^ I didn't get this item yet either. With all the new bags coming up. I think this would make a really cute sturdy clutch inside a big bag.
  5. I saw this in stores awhile ago and thought it was really nifty how there's a removable "nose" thing that allows you to use it as a sunglasses case or a clutch! My mom almost bought one, but she was concerned because the piece you're supposed to use with sunglasses seemed to be held down by magnets inside of the she was worried it might somehow erase the info on her credit cards if she were to use it as a clutch :s

    However, I doubt the magnets they used inside the clutch are strong enough to do that...:shrugs:
  6. ^ I didn't know it has a magnetic inside. Was wondering how they kept the nose piece in place. I take the train in SF and they always accuse my purse for erasing my ticket!
  7. I'm not totally sure if it was magnetic or not...but it sure seemed like it! I wonder how else it could've been kept in place? :confused1:
  8. It is a cute clutch.
  9. ^^^ i thought its a magnet too but never thought of the magnetic will erase my CC.

    but still i love it.