Lagonda leather?

  1. all-leather's made of a leather called "lagonda" or something?? It's like a cross between clemence and togo. Anyone else seen this?

    Also, besides swatches, anyone report any sightings of the "new swift" leather?
  2. Ooh really?
  3. I've only seen the swatches thus far.
  4. You mean your secret "Can't open 'til your birthday" GP that DH hid away?? Did you have a secret peeky?
  5. Yes I have seen this leather in the GP about a week and a half ago in the ardoise(sp?) color and it is really noce. The grains are smaller than togo or clemence and holds up the shape really well. It has a nice texture to it.
  6. GF, I have seen this all-leather GP in gold with white stitching at the store. It had an inside pocket and was lined with herringbone pattern toile material like in the 50cm travel Birkin. No wonder the leather looked different like it was a cross between clemence and togo. It felt thinner than lighter than clemence.
  7. Making me drool..
  8. Grand Fonds, I think it's Negondra. I saw them in Adroise, Gold and Rouge H (all GPs). To me, the grain look more like CDC, slightly flatten, less shine and no rib (at least on the GPs). Sorry, lousy at describing leather. Do you like this leather?
  9. New swift leather???
  10. I've seen the all leather GP in black. It had a very matte finish. It was light and the lining was nice.
  11. Okay, going a bit OT here, but man, GF: Your avatar totally looks like my boss.
  12. Is that......can it be......GAY KEN in DRAG??????????? :wtf:
  13. That's how I interpreted it, S'mom. I've been giggling all morning.

    Between the avatar and the sig line, GF's pretty much been giving me the giggles all week.
  14. :roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:
  15. I have not seen any it in production yet?