Lagon & Turquoise?

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  1. Hi all! I'm wondering any of you own items in Lagon and Turquoise? I'm getting a coin case in Turquoise, and very interested in getting other accessory in Lagon.......but are they too similar in terms of color? I saw a comparison pics somewhere of Lagon and BJ, but haven't seen the pic of Lagon and Turquoise together....

    I'll appreciate if anyone can help clarify how different/similar they are??

    Thanks in advance!:flowers::flowers:
  2. turquoise is more like a super dark blue jean --whereas lagoon has a lot more green in it. they are similar but lagoon has a teal quality to it
  3. Do you think it'll be too similar to have both turquoise and lagon accessories? I'm trying to get my rainbow together....:hysteric:

  4. actually i think it would be lovely. tonal differences. (i hope to collect many shades of purple)
  5. :tup:ITA
  6. IMO, both are blue greens but in lagoon, the green comes through more prominently - lagoon has a luminosity about it (in swift anyway)... whereas turquoise looks definitely more blue than green and whilst a bright color too, is not as "luminous" as lagoon... hope I am making sense here
  7. I'm picking a little something up in Lagon on thursday,Hope to post family pics of all my Hermes at the weekend...I'm collecting a rainbow too...Cant wait to see your new goodies...
  8. i agree--maybe depth of color is more descriptive??? turquoise is a very very pretty color but its a very dense color. lagoon is kind of a changeant color where you see more nuances...............
  9. well said. My SA showed me a lagoon kelly and it is literally glowing - could be the spot light... but I could see the kelly a mile away.... like a beacon.
  10. ^^ Yup, Lagoon is almost neon. It just radiates light on its own. It's really a bright colour. :biggrin:

    And I agree with archangel too, although blue-green Lagoon is definitely more green than blue. IMO, Turquoise is closer to BJ than Lagoon as they are both blue, difference is BJ would be a light blue colour while I would class turquoise as medium blue. Hope my explanation makes sense lol.
  11. This is a helpful post I was wondering the same question..wish someone would show the two side by side....
  12. I'm loving the lagon color - its like bright aqua blue with lots of green tones in it!
  13. Thank you everyone! I guess I'll try to find something in Lagon then.

    Birkingirl, what are you getting in Lagon?:graucho: Can't wait to see pics later this week!
  14. they're both too pretty for words! but I love Lagon more!