Lagon Lagon, where are you Lagon?

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  1. I've been away from my home H boutique since Jan and came back to find out they have not ordered any Lagon for the store, not even the Lagon Indian Dust carré. :crybaby:
    Are any other European stores starting to show new colored items? Mine seems to be going with the mustard's and curry's which are NOT my favorites. BOO! I'm looking for lagoon in anything in any of the benelux/uk/or western part of Germany boutiques. :yes:
    I may have to take a day trip to Paris to satisfy my Lagon lust. :sweatdrop:
  2. Hi bella, I just bought a Lagon Lindy in Sloane Street. It's available but I imagine very popular. When I came in through the door, the SA was showing the bag to another client and my heart sank that I was just a few minutes late. Luckily for me, the lady didn't take it and I snapped it up right away. Try calling some of the stores, they might have it in stock. Good luck!
  3. Oh thank you! But, I have a lagon lindy on order at my shop. When the SA said I'll be so unique in lagon I thought he was joking! In this country I will be. :nogood:
  4. The lagon lindy is gorgeous :heart:. I'm so in love with it. I hope you get your order soon. :yahoo:
  5. I saw Lagoons all over switzerland in March. I even saw them at the Paris airport H. DH even commented about the color.
    Hope yours comes in soon.
  6. :girlsigh: I have the Indian Dust carre and the Ulysse PM in Lagon, and I love it, but that's here in the US-- I did see pictures on a recent Peris thread that showed windows full of Lagon accessories....
  7. I have'nt seen much here but I am going in this week so I will keepyou posted...