***Lagon - Double Reveal: City + Money***

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  1. My favorite color of this season from Bal is this deep saturated turquoise color called "Lagon" - just beautiful together with the rose gold hardware. It's not too blingy since Lagon is already a standout color on its own. IRL the color is even more saturated than shown here in the pix.

    I love the new Mini Giant Hardware which looks perfectly in proportion with the smaller accessories. So I couldn't miss out on finding the perfect combo of Lagon with RGH for a new wallet.

    Balenciaga FW12 "Money" Wallet in Lagon Lambskin and G12 RGH






  2. Not only did I get a wallet, I also got another bag:

    Balenciaga FW12 "City" in Lagon Lambskin and G12 RGH






    Bal has updated the inside layout of the bag (see pictures). Previously, there was just one zipper pocket on the back side of the bag. Now this zipper pocket is deeper/bigger (same width) and there's the addition of 2 open pockets on the front side of the bag. The right pocket is smaller and fits your iPhone perfectly. At first I thought there was a defect in the bag as I found a HOLE in the pockets. Then I realized that there were 4 holes on each side of the 2 pockets - I guess it helps dust and crumbs filter through... lol




    Group shot of City + Money:

  3. Lastly, some modeling pix:



    Thank you for letting me share! :biggrin:
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  4. Gorgeous! Lagon is such a beautiful color! Thanks for sharing and you look great in your mod pics!
  5. Congrats, it's absolutely gorgeous, the bag, the wallet and you as well!!

    This color is truly stunning, I can't resist and got a PT as well.
  6. First off, Congrats on your purchases. This color is stunning and looks gorgeous on you.

    But I'm confused? Based on the pics I've seen here, Lagon appears much more Teal. Yours looks like a gorgeous shade of light blue, no green at all. Like a deep pair of blue jeans. Totally different from what I've seen.
  7. They are both gorgeous and the bag looks great on you! Congrats!
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    Thank you Saira!!! :P

    Thanks Katie! My cat looks like yours too... lol Very cute pets :P

    hehe thanks Kobe! Yeah, I was originally planning on getting just the city... but then I saw the same color+RGH combo on a wallet... so... I couldn't resist getting it too! lol
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    Thanks BPC! Well the time in which you take pix and lighting effects has a lot to do with how the color is represented. Eg. The wallet was taken on one day - which looks different than the City which was taken on another day. When I do the group shot, you then see that they're the same color. Keep in mind that different camera settings and computer monitors also play a role.

    Also I'm starring at the City right now and it's a dark turquoise indoors, but in bright daylight outside in which the pix were taken, it does not appear so.
    Edit: I just took a pic of it indoors with my iPhone. No extra photoshopping, just my tPF name added. This color is probably what you have in mind, but even so, my own eyeballs see a different turquoise than what's represented below lol


    Hope this helps :smile:
  10. Thanks for the additional pic.
    It still doesn't look teal to me. But that's fine. This color would be more wearable on me anyway.
    Think I just need to make it to Bal and see for myself.

    Thanks again.:biggrin:
  11. The colour is absolutely gorgeous and looks great on you! Congrats on your two lovely new purchases!

  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! More Cec pictures! Girl, I love your pix, I have gone back often to look at your Argent Fonce pix, so now I will need to add these in as my favs! This color is gorgeous on you! And I adore the matching wallet........talk about Bal smiling inside your Bal!

    Enjoy these beauties dear, and thanks for your lovely reveal!!!!!!
  13. Beautiful colour and you wear it well! Congrats!
  14. Wow, love it! Didn't know that balenciaga added some inside pockets. Makes me want another bag from this season now. Congrats on your new items!
  15. Love Lagon and love your pics. You look great with your bag.