Lagerfeld's influence

  1. Just curious if anyone knows how involved Karl gets when it comes to accessories - bags in particular. I am pretty sure he was instrumental in the reissue design but does he approve each and every style? I know he has designers but just wondering how much of 'him' goes into the lines.
  2. I *think* Karl is the one who redesigned the flap with the now classic cc closure (the original design, of course, being with the mademoiselle closure). I think he probably gets pretty involved, actually. There is an awful lot that just screams of his influence, IMO.
  3. acoording to some of the movies on the chanel website, I assume that every thing that comes out of Chanel is pre approved by him if not designed.
  4. Yes! The documentary also suggests he is a complete control freak.
  5. I would think he is very involved. The ankle bracelet bags, for instance, is tongue in cheek parlayed into style. No doubt Paris and Lindsay's legal adventures were the catalyst. The cabas, another poke at women's shopping bags, etc. One could also see it as "going green" if you put your purchases into the cabas and forego the shopping bag. (Works on some items not all, obviously).
  6. interesting...

  7. So the naked bags were his answer to the airline restrictions, I guess.

    If he is really that involved - I wonder what his explanation would be for the recent line that was recalled - you know the one with the plastic chains.

    As much as love Chanel and how he has kept the spirit alive, I cringe at the thought that Hollywood tartlets are now his muses or inspiration. Ugghhh!!
  8. Have you seen the documentary Working for Chanel? Poor Mr Azzaro (who makes Chanel shoes) had to come backwards and forwards from his workshop to Chanel's office-luckily very close by- until KL was quite satisfied with the heel of a new shoe. It was quite a sight, seeing this plump man well over 60 sweating up and down the street with one shoe in his hand. In the end, they agreed on a particular design. It was ab-solutely beautiful.

    I'd say that at Chanel you get A number one top of the list quality. There is a program on french TV5 called "Nec plus Ultra" about the craftmanship of french luxury makes, once they showed how they made Chanel custom jewellery and it was hand made, with people assembling chains by hand with tiny plyers. PURE undiluted quality.
  9. i think so...
    i love how he "rocks" chanel, u can see form the way he dresses, he always dressed very formal and neat but wiht some punk and edgy accessories
  10. I know my gold pieces were supposedly made by hand, but i doubt the costume/fashion line is. In fact, I wonder if Lagerfeld is that involved in the metal plated fashion line. I know he's a control freak but he has many other lines to design for and I wonder if he can do all the low end stuff, since there is just so much of it.

    I'm sure he designs the runway shoes... but the basic, non runway footwear? (The more basic shoes that I actually buy!) I doubt it. Approves, yes, designs... no.