lag time

  1. the SA in toronto told me that pocket square patterns are behind the scarves, so a scarf pattern introduced this year might turn up as a pocket square in a year or 2. anyway to know if a scarf pattern will be marked for pocket square-dom?
  2. don't know, but I believe your SA as this seems to be the case with the pochettes I've noticed.
  3. SA told me it depends on the popularity of the scarf. If it's sold well..they'll prob make the pocket square after.
  4. I want the Le Petits Metiers pocket square.. :graucho:
  5. ^^ me too!!! Sorry that H didn't have a good selection HH. SF doesn't either. They are really low on Pocket squares at the moment (I have all the designs they have already :lol: ) so I started shopping at Neimans because they have a much better selection. :flowers:
  6. The Melb store is low on pochettes too, oh and twillys as well. Their scarves collection is not bad tho!
  7. You know how pocket square sometimes has a differnt pattern from the scarf..lets might just show a portion of the scarf.. might just get that specific square in there. :graucho:
  8. I think the scarfies call that a "detail" scarf.
  9. I hope they will make the Rooftops of Paris scarf into a PS. :shame:
  10. :yes:
  11. Yeah, I'm hoping for that particular detail, hehe.
  12. HG: ahhhh!!! thanks! always learn something new from you!
  13. YUP!!!!!:yes::yes::yes:
    that scarf just beautiful!..the light colors show daytime of the rooftop. and the dark colors show the night scene..amazing!
  14. Oh! I never noticed that! Gonna check it out on the website. Thanks, Fesdu!
  15. yes yes..go's magical!!:yes:

    especially the white on white vs. navy blue