Ladybug/Flower Keyfob in PINK at Macys!

  1. But you gals probably know this already. If not:

  2. oo i didnt know about that...very cute!
  3. thats soo cute can u order it online?
  4. that is sooo cute!!!
  5. AWW i think i am going to order that ..
  6. WAIT, the color choice to order says:


    I wonder if they are getting the pink soon or if it's sold out already?!?
  7. hmm could the white mean the thread part?
  8. I don't know, I want the pink SO bad!!!!
  9. oh I so need that keyfob!
  10. Oh that is so cute!!!
  11. can anyone read the color code on this one??/


    I am trying to see if the pink is rite or not
  12. Looks like 92246
  13. not the style # the color code it says wht something
  14. SV/WT?

    Silver White?