LadyBraidTote or Cerf or GST

  1. I dont know which tote to get for the upcoming EGC!! I have been admiring the Lady Braid Tote for a while ... but the cerf is a classic ... and i already have a black GST, but would be looking to get a brown. What do you think?
  2. love the cerf!
  3. If you want something different...choose the Lady Braid ....If you want a classic but something just a tad different from what most of us see everyday.. choose the cert....Enjoy whichever fabulous bag you select...
  4. Since u have one GST, and cert looks somehow similar style like GST. I will choose the ladybraidTote, different look.
  5. I absolutely love love love the lady braid tote. Ala Moana Chanel had it in black and red (more of a darker ketchup red, not bright bright red). They're both sooo gorgeous. I would have gotten one, but it was over 3k and that was too much for one bag.

    Since you already have a black GST, I don't suggest getting the brown. They're too similar, and I personally would go for some variety. :yes: I do like the cerf, but the lady braid is just so much more gorgeous!!! Also, the cerf will always be around. The lady braid (to my knowledge) is seasonal. Get it while you can!
  6. All are gorgeous! But if you want something difference than what you have, go with the Lady Braid.
  7. My vote goes to the Lady Braid since you already own a black GST.