Lady Vee has become a bag lady!

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Lady Vee

Aug 8, 2008
Hello all you lovely lovely ladies (and gents).

I just wanted to let you all know I haven't been around for a while and may well be missing for a little longer. I still love CL (and YSL shhh)

I don't want to go into details but my personal life has become very traumatic and I am also in and out of hospital. I really miss you all and am scared you won't remember me when I am back to my best, and I am missing all the gossip and goings on, and I do genuinely miss quite a lot of you very very much.

I am just unable to talk about shoes at the moment and hope you will forgive me.

On a happier note, due to traumatic things, I now have gone from glamourpuss to Tramp (Bag lady) and live in pyjamas and have the maddest hair in the world. I have rung up Guiness Book of records to find out who is the current record holder for maddest hair and I am in with a chance of beating them! :woohoo:

I am even considering stealing a shopping trolley and going into full Bag Lady mode by wandering the streets with weird clothes and my amazing mad hair and begging for money just for something to do.

I will eventually become glamourpuss, CL debater and tpf regular and I hope that will be soon (though maybe the Bag Lady may be next seasons look and I start a trend - very low maintenance look LOL) but in the meantime, please don't forget me, and I really miss you all.

Tons of hugs - though you may not want to get too close to me LOL

Keep on buying ladies!!:smile:


Jun 9, 2008
Veeeeeee!!! We really do miss you around here - don't worry you will NOT be forgotten in a hurry so please take all the time you need and we will all welcome you back here with open arms when the time is right for you! :hugs: I really do hope everything works out for you, try to stay positive yeah? xxxxx


A Twin w/Twins
Nov 23, 2008
lady vee, you get yourself back in here in a hurry! we miss you when you're not around. i hope the blackest days become just a faded memory very, very soon. you're in my thoughts. :hugs:


Jun 15, 2007
Lady vee .. i've been thingking about you the past few days!!!! missing your hilarious post!!! I hope everything is getting better for you and COME BACKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK may be i should "bunnie-picture-mail" you hehehhehehe


Jul 31, 2008
Lady Vee----Sending lots of positive thoughts your way......:hugs:I miss your humor here! You take care of yourself now and we look forward to you spending more time with us!

As an aside, you might enjoy this.....Friday, at the office, I am in the conference room waiting for clients to arrive. I am sitting in my chair, with one leg tucked under my botttom, as I double check a presentation on my computer. I sent a graph to the printer and as I absentmindedly stand to grab the copy from the foot has fallen asleep and as soon as I put weight on gives out. I stumble and end up against the first thought was of you and your wobbly legs at your meeting! And my second was for my poor whipsnakes! No harm was done & thankfully no witnesses!:blush:


Suiting up and showing up
Feb 6, 2008
Don't you worry, Lady Vee! We will not forget you. You just good take care of yourself (and that mad hair), and we'll be here ready and waiting when you get back. We love you! :hugs:
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