Lady sues Starbucks for $17 million

  1. I can't find the article so bear with me here. When I find it I'll post it. Anyways, I was listening to the radio this morning and they said in Seattle, a lady is sueing Starbucks for $17 million because they wouldn't give her a free coffee for being a regular customer. :wtf:
  2. she desreves her free coffee, nothing more nothing less
  3. Now that just pisses me off... people are seriously just looking for money and fame CONSTANTLY.
  4. i'd love to know how exactly she came to that figure for her feelings of 'betrayal' over a coupon. starbucks should probably honor the coupon, and nothing more.

    as a future lawyer, things like this frustrate me to no end because they delegitimize the thousands of lawsuits pending by people that were actually harmed, discriminated against, or persecuted in some way by making them all look like money-hungry whiners.
  5. Thanks TPR. I thought it was $17mil. That article says $114mil! This story just gets better and better.
  6. I hope Starbucks makes her look like a big cry-baby jerk. Ha... the word jerk is so juvenille, but this just ticks me off
  7. Sorry if this is inappropriate and impolite but we have a joke in the UK that things like class actions like this can happen only in the Land of the Free!

    On a serious note, this is on the same ridiculous scale as the woman suing McD. for spilling hot coffee on her lap by herself! BTW, I love the way the article gives the impression as if all those affected have just lost their house due to the biggest scam on earth with phrases like 'thousands who were misled' and 'betrayed'
  8. There was a lady a couple years ago that left her house while poptarts were cooking in her toaster. She sued Kellogs and Oster for burning her house down...she lost.
  9. :wtf: That woman better not get ANY money from them!
  10. wasn't there a Seinfeld episode where kramer sued over a cup of coffee?
  11. How sad. :Push:
  12. what do you guys think? I'm concidering sueing tPF for 55 Mil, becuase i happened to be on it one time and I was ready a post that was quite funny at the time, and it caused me to LOL, and it was toatally in appropriate for my home entertainment! oh how unfair! it was acctually about a woman who was sueing starbucks over a drink.
  13. I wish this woman to never see a single penny from Starbucks.
  14. what a crazy lady.. "only in america" as we say here lol :P