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    I am now manically cleaning to get interior ideas to flourish...I try to get all traces of superfluous out of the flat to see the bare bones so to speak.... Love these tips

    decluttering tips

    - visualize an area as you 'd want it to look before decluttering

    - put things you use mostoften in the easiest places to access.

    - organise based on how you do things. If you always dump your keus on the front tablem do not create a key rack, instead put a key bowl on the front table.
  3. Thank you! I thought so too!
  4. great inspiring thread! Should you decide to welcome a four legged friend in your home, please keep in mind the selection of plants as many can be toxic, especially for cats.
  5. I know- but I have both. We buy special grass for our cat though she prefers to destroy the plants outdoors. I love plants in the house, freshen the air and create good energy. I'd rather have a healthy green plant than any expensive antique or piece of art.;)
  6. Favourite house includes both plants and animals....:smile:
  7. How could one resist?:smile:
  8. This was my ' inspiration'
  9. I am a huge fan of florals. In the master bedroom, I paired this Ralph Lauren (and we know he rips off everything British) with off white carpet and an off white fabric wall paper. What I like about this is that it is not too feminine for a married couple and relaxing as well. I have used this for the duvet and one set of pillow shams. I layered the bedskirts with a white eyelet as the underneath and the print on top. You do this by using the print in a size smaller that you would normally use. I mixed in white shams and some stripes and solids for pillows. I used the print on one bedside round table with a white topper. The cloth was made for me at the Ralph Lauren shop and has pink and white striped cording around the bottom. I have picked colors from the print for the sheeting. It is a very traditional look, but soft.

  10. Enfilada...:smile:
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  12. Summer elements- just had the floor polished so lady Beatrice, ( that's my beloved cat) is having a super day skidding.:biggrin:
  13. And flowering plants are good too. ( I prefer fragrant ones like roses or lavender but they don't do well indoors) this is dwarf pink geranium and I love the way the colour lifts everything. I keep several pots, outside in the sun and move them indoors once they flower. They last a week or two and then I put the back out.:smile:
  14. Ladysarah, how old is the building your flat is in? I love the architectural details I see in your photos--the coffering in the windows, the wide plank floors, the lovely fireplace in the bedroom--and that you have stayed with an old-fashioned/timeless theme in your decor. My parents' house was built in the 1920s and had barely been modernized at all but sadly my mother had all the old claw foot tubs ripped out and the antique floral wallpapers removed, the kitchen completely modernized (it actually had a wood-burning stove!), closets rebuilt, etc. It's a shame IMO.
  15. Thank you madamefifi! The house is 1821 so a bit of an architectural gem actually. It's a listed house, so technically you are not supposed to alter it - though sometimes people still do things to ruin them. The kitchen and the bathroom are very modernised though- otherwise....