Lady refuses to take her LV off the seat on packed train!

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  1. Good! As someone who commuted to NYC often, I wish they kicked off all the manspreaders, people who use the seats as a footrest, etc. lol When I commuted, no matter how big the bag, they'd be on my lap when it got busy.
  2. Just saw this. Her bag is not exactly pristine. She could have put it in her lap. She is also sitting in the handicap reserved seats. Classy.
  3. If the train wasn't crowded then I'd see no problem but since there's enough people standing she should have given up the seat depsite whether her bag is in pristine condition or not! Other people paid the same fare as her to ride in that train. She looks like she coppin a 'tude over the seat. Somebody should've snatched that bag smacked it upside her head before kicking her a$$ off the train.
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  4. I couldn’t open the link but what was she thinking? really curious. I once bought my toddler a seat (they actually travel for free on parents lap) because I know I’d be too tired to put her on my lap that day. So in case someone want her seat I can tell she paid for hers. But once it’s packed, I couldn’t let an old woman standing I gave my daughter’s seat to her. It’s not about what you’re asked to do but how you feel about others. I bet she didn’t pay a seat for her bag, lol
  5. Yes exactly, at one point you just gotta day “is it worth the fight?” And just put the bag on your lap.
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  6. Saw woman occupy her seat, plus every surrounding seat, on German train.
    Spreading her papers, bags, etc. as small fortress.
    When another passenger wanted seat, made a throat noise & moved the woman's stuff.
    Then sat down.

    Why is this so complicated in NJ?:shrugs:
    Shove over the lv bag & sit down.
    Then ignore any mouthy mama drama.
  7. I wouldn't call her a lady
  8. that's so of my DH's pet peeves is seeing young, physically fit people with handicapped plaques parking in handicapped zones (probably got the plaque from mom or grandma)
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  9. I’ve had people yell at me for parking in a handicapped spot. I have a joint condition and have a plaque on my car, but people see a 20yo who seems healthy, and always think it’s not mine Although if there’s only one spot, I’ll park in a regular spot because someone might need it more than me
  10. Yeah...many health conditions are unseen to the eye.
  11. I have met many people on public transport doing this, mostly I just ask people to move their bag. Most of the times they move their bags then. I almost always keep my bag on my lap, it would have to be a very quiet ride for me to put my bag on a seat.
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  12. true. the ones that bother him are young men driving 4WD off road vehicles and stuff like that
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  13. DH showed me this last night...all I can say is inconsiderate and ignorant
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