'Lady Pearly' Medium Flap Reveal

  1. Enjoy it! So beautiful!I will go and check it with my SA at NM !
  2. Its a gorgeous bag! Are you able to wear this crossbody at all?
  3. I think the shape and size of this bag would make it awkward to wear cross body
  4. Congrats!!! I like this style a lot!! Do you know if it comes in other colors?
  5. There's also plum (there's pics of it in Authentic Finds). It also comes in a smooth calf leather.
  6. gorgous clasic
  7. I really like the look of the leather. Congrats!
  8. I would keep this bag. I sawit IRL today and love this caviar. Great choice!
  9. It's lovely schmoo! congrats on your purchase. nice texture, something different.

  10. Beautiful. Great choice. Congrats
  11. What a beautiful CC.
  12. Simply chic and nice! Excellent piece!
  13. congrats! it's simply gorgeous!! I saw it at the SF boutique now I want it :biggrin:
  14. I know I should've kept it - getting a couple of jumbos instead. We'll see how they turn out (bad batch the first time around). Did you see it in the stand-alone boutique?
  15. Not everyone's cup of tea, but I think it's a nice bag. ;)