'Lady Pearly' Medium Flap Reveal

  1. I'd say it's closer to a jumbo than medium.
  2. Congrats! She's a keeper!
  3. lovely:loveeyes:
  4. Nice flap!! Congrats!!!
  5. thanks guys. my roommate hates it! she thinks I should wait for a jumbo. now I'm 2nd guessing myself.
    Modeling Pic.jpg
  6. Congrats! It's very pretty and looks great on you! :biggrin:
  7. I like the functionality of the bag. More affordable than the classic but still a flap bag. May i ask how much and if it comes in other colors?
  8. It is very functional. I love the way the inside is designed - lots of room & organized. I only saw it in black ($3K). And there's a small size for around $300 less.

    jessiephy Thank you! I also found a jumbo. When I get it I'll compare the 2 and see if I like it better.
  9. I love it! Is that the only way to wear the chain? And there is a smaller size, right?
  10. You can pull one strap out, like a classic, and make it longer. Yes, there is a smaller size - I didn't look at it up close but it's cute.
  11. Gorgeous bag!Congrats:smile:
  12. Oh wooooow!!! Gorgeous! Congrats.
  13. i love the leather~!!
  14. How much???
  15. Bjorn, Dinitegrity Thanks, I love the leather on this but I don't know if it will weather scratches well. It's almost like Nubuck.

    Jadorelv It's $3K