Lady LV's Big Reveal...

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  1. Alright ladies, Lady LV is ready to make her big reveal! I've been anticipating this moment all week!! Who's ready?
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    I AM!! I'm so excited to finally share...

    The story begins with my husband calling me at 8AM on a Saturday morning. He'd been on a business trip in Barcelona for a week and told me he'd found me a present -- ooh! He then asked me not to look at the credit cards or until he came home the next day or the surprise would be ruined. Ooh squared - what could it be that a credit card statement would give it away? My only thought was that it was a name brand... and the only brand I could think was Louis Vuitton, but I quickly dismissed the thought. After all, my husband has long thought LV was stupid so I knew he'd never buy me anything LV! [addendum: now that he's seen the LV's in person and understands why the monogram is canvas, that they're hand-made, etc he has a new-found respect for the brand. He keeps looking at mine and we're both so impressed with the stitching and quality - a new Louis convert is born!]

    Fast forward to picking him up at the airport. He walked up to my car, hiding the LV shopping bag behind his suitcase so I couldn't see it yet, and I sped (literally) all the way home. Once we got home, he had me wait in my study while he hid the shopping bag in his man cave. I was overjoyed to oblige! When I came out, he told me he'd either done the best thing or the worst thing and was terribly sorry if he did the latter! I just giggled.

    Then he told me that he'd missed me so much that he knew he had to do something really special for me... so he decided to that if I've always loved LV, he'd make my LV dreams come true! I was FLOORED!!! He showed me some pics of his journey - he captured everything from his cheeky grin going down the lift in his hotel and all the way to the Louis store in Barcelona's finest shopping district:


    He stopped the story there and asked me to go get MY Louis bag out of the man cave! I ran down the hall and when I saw it, I just started to cry. It was just like our engagement (years ago now) -- I started bawling and hugging him! I couldn't even bring myself to open the shopping bag yet -- just having a Louis Vuitton shopping bag in my hands was enough!

    When I came to (lol), I wiped my tears away and opened the bag. Here is what I saw (pic my hubby took of my new girls inside the store!):


    Enter my new Retiro PM and matching monogram Sarah wallet!! Here's a shot of my Retiro in the store with the other contenders (azur ostrich exotic, and the red python bag, which my hubby quickly waved away!):


    Me and the girls are sooo happy! My hubby is so proud that he did GREAT -- I'm so ecstatic!!
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    Lastly, I gotta share my family's inside joke about Louis being the "ugly brown bag!"

    Ever since my aunt got her first Speedy and matching Sarah wallet in the mid-90s, I dreamed of having my Louis. The story goes that one day, my aunt gave my uncle her LV shopping list! So he headed into the city and over to the LV store with my then 5-year-old cousin and picked up the Speedy and Sarah. On their way out of the store, my cousin grabbed the shopping bag out of her daddy's hand and screamed "Daddy! I can't believe you just spent $1,000 ON AN UGLY... BROWN... BAG!!!" The SAs were not amused, but suffice to say I find it adorable!

    I can't wait to share my "ugly brown bag" with my family soon!
  4. What a nice story!!! Congrats on your presents!!!
  5. Wonderful story! I would absolutely cry too if my husband walked through the door with an LV shopping bag! Lucky lady, enjoy your beautiful bag and wallet : )
  6. Congrats and thanks for sharing! :biggrin: Love all the pics too!
  7. Congratulations
  8. Sweet gifts! Congratulations!
  9. That's very sweet! If someone did that for me, I would be in tears too...your husband is awesome; congrats!
  10. How sweet - your hubby did good :smile:
  11. Sweet story, congrats!
  12. Awwwww!! Thanks everyone for peeking and for your super sweet comments! It's so much fun to share my new joy, and even better to share on TPF with fellow enthusiasts. I love it!!
  13. He made a great choice!

    So did you......
  14. Congratulations, you hubby is so sweet :smile:
  15. Thanks for sharing such a lovely story:smile: