Lady hit my new car, and then gets out with a fake!

  1. My poor new Honda Odyssey, yes it is a minivan...but I have grown to love it. I was in a parking lot...all pulled out of my spot, had stopped to put it into Drive...this lady slams out of her spot and hits my car!

    Then she gets out and starts yelling that I cracked her bumper!

    She was driving this broken down BMW (I love BMW's, but this thing was a clunker) it was from 1994, but looked soo much older.

    Her bumper was already cracked, and she was blaming it on me! But my car was stopped.

    The clincher, she gets out of her ugly car...can't find her insurance, and starts digging around in her Fake MC Speedy. It was sooo ugly!

    I wish I could have gotten a photo, but I was so distraught over this. My son is so upset, he loves our new van.

    Thanks for listening!
  2. Glad your ok... What finally happened did she blame it on you??
  3. Ugh! What a double bummer! Idiot driver/fake carrier... she's wins the stupid prize for today....:censor:

    Hope you & son are okay.... perhaps some retail therapy needs to come your way? :flowers:
  4. We're fine, thanks for asking. My son is so great, he has been telling everyone that I didn't do it, and the lady slammed into me. I love that little guy!

    I'm sure she will try to blame it on me, I don't think she has insurance (no proof of course)..and was very hostile.

    My insurance company has been really great, they're gonna fight for me. The damage on my vehicle isn't too bad, but hers looks pretty messy.

    I tried to keep it cool, I didn't want to get into a fight with her..they tell you never to discuss these things.

    I think if I mentioned her ugly handbag, that would have made it worse :yes:

    Thanks again for listening!
  5. I'm glad you and your son are alright! I hope everything works out!
  6. I'm glad your ok! i hope you get things sorted :yes:
  7. I'm glad you are okay. I

    doubt very much if I could have kept my mouth shut. Everytime my Lincolns have been hit, they were hit by someone with no insurance. That is bad enough, let alone a fake LV.
  8. Oh I knew I liked you.

    I have Lincolns too.

    I was backed into in the Navi and had to get new bumper and grille. The guy had insurance.

    I would be so pissed if someone hit me with no insurance.
  9. I'm glad to hear you're okay! Any kind of insurance investigation will show that your car was stopped, since the damage on her vehicle will indicate that. What an idiot! Sorry to hear about that, but I laughed about the fake bag - it explains a lot.
  10. That lady is clearly a FREAK. I'm glad that you both are ok.
  11. Oh no i am so sorry to here that.
  12. Thanks guys, I'm feeling better already.

    Socal and Smith, I really wanted a Navigator..I look at them longingly. Maybe next car.
  13. I have a black '06 and my hubby has the '07 Mark LT.

    I want the new Navi because it uses regular gas, unlike mine.

    Too bad you can't sue the idiot lady and get one.:smile:

    Glad no one was hurt.
  14. Oh, so get we are leaving...I said to her "nice meeting you" in my friendliest tone.

    My son asks "why did you say that to her, she hit your car?"

    I told him, it is like Borat...when he says "my suit is black................NOT"

    except I didn't say "NOT!"
  15. As long as you and your little guy are alright :heart: :heart: