Lady Gres Size HELP!!!

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  1. If I am a size 37.5 in the simples and the same size in VP's as well - could I take a size 37.5 in suede Lady Gres?

    I know usually they recommend to size up in the LG's but I was hoping because they were suede they would stretch out?

    Please let me know as soon as anyone can
  2. Please refer to the reference thread on sizing--there is a WEALTH of info there ... but I think your answer is probably "yes--a 37.5 or 38 in LG would fit you."
  3. canchan, yes (satin) Lady Gres fit me TTS, and even 1/2 size DOWN, so you should be able to fit these
  4. 37.5 should be fine. Suede does stretch. I personally would not size down since your toes might go over shoe