Lady Gres choices.....

  1. Hi everyone,
    Recently, I got a Lady Gres dark charcoal grey suede on sale at NM. I love the style on my foot, and I started drooling over the Lady Gres in black leather and pewter leather. I was trying to decide which color to order, and Asha gave me the excellent advice to buy both (since it was from Saks & I can return) and try them on at home.

    Here are a few pics of the charcoal suede and the black leather. The pewter leather has not arrived yet. It should be here later this week. I am only keeping ONE pair, so all you enablers do not tell me to keep them all! Too many other pretty styles that I want.

    Charcoal suede Lady Gres (size 40)
    IMG_2196.JPG IMG_2197.JPG IMG_2199.JPG
  2. Lady Gres black leather (size 40)
    IMG_2342.JPG IMG_2343.JPG IMG_2346.JPG IMG_2347.JPG IMG_2348.JPG
  3. I like the colour of the Grey and the leather of the Black so I will put my vote on Pewter leather!

    PS: I don't like suede that much because it's not the same when you get it dirty.
  4. Black leather all the way!! IMO they are more classic and easier to care for. If I'm doing suede I prefer a hotter color that really pops (certain colors simply look more elegant in suede than in kid leather) -- e.g. fuschia/magenta, electric blue, saffron, etc. For dark colors like brown/black I think leather is a better choice. JMHO.
  5. Those are gorgeous. I have these in the pewter leather and love them.
  6. I love how the leather looks on your foot. The pewter is such a gorgeous color, but since you already have the grey in suede I would say keep it in the black for variety.
  7. *Suede - NO: Can't see the pretty lady gres pleating/knot detail as well
    *Blk Leather - Maybe: Only if you would like to have a variety in black pumps, but there are better styles in black leather/patent black leather to be had.
    *Pewter Leather - Definitely Yes: Great color, can see pleating/knot detail very well, good lighter color for winter-spring transition.
  8. :drool:BEAUTIFULL!!! Oh gosh I would say keep the black leather and the Pewter when it comes!!! They look stunning on you girl.:tup: I love them!!!!!
  9. I'm for the blk leather! BUt I will take a look at the pewter ones come in.
  10. Lynn I am sorry I am not much help. Which would work better with your wardrobe?? I want to see the pewter on you, as well.
  11. I agree that the leather knot seems to detail better in the leather. I also think the Pewter is the better of the two colours.
  12. I definitely vote for the pewter. BTW, the lady gres looks awesome on your feet.
  13. Both pairs look amazing on you!!! I think the leather is a better choice for practical reasons--it just wears better. I love the soft look of the suede, but you really have to baby them.
  14. *Faints* Wow, the black leather looks amazing on you! I also vote for the pewter leather. I saw them today :love: I think the pewter will make a good neutral with a twist ;)
  15. my vote is for the black leather. it seems to have more pop than the suede. if it was suede in a bright colour, i would go for that though.

    can't wait to see the pewter!