Lady Gaga

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  1. Joanne Stefani Germanotta (born March 20, 1986), best known by her stage name Lady GaGa, is an American singer-songwriter and musician. She's been compared to Christina Aguilera but has an electro-pop sound that sets her apart.

    Here she is looking all sorts of scary at a recent performance...

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  2. I like her music but she is definitely unique when it comes to performing...

    I saw her perform on Ellen and it was interesting. She has a strong voice though!
  3. LOVE HER Voice and style!
  4. OMG. Shes 2 years younger than me..(shes 24)..she looks about 10 years OLDER.
  5. Oh GaGod! I cant stand her. I can only hope she will disappear soon.
  6. Lol at her dance "moves", they look like a marionette's on LSD.
  7. Love her songs!
    The rumor is that Christina Aguilera "stole" Lady Gaga's look, aka the blond hair, big fake eyelashes... Christina denies it. Who cares? lol
  8. Yeah ^^ Perez has some interesting quotes from the both of them on Christina "stealing" GaGas look. Christina dealt with it in a very rude way IMHO.
  9. Thats been discussed in the CA thread. Its pretty obvious who has copied who IMPO. Christina has been in the game for 10 years. Its really uncomparable if you ask me. I've only heard one of Gagas songs.. its ok.
  10. obvs christina copied her, lady gaga look came out before christina's new look!
  11. I love her single Just Dance.
  12. I saw her live and I have to say...she is a flipping rock star.

    The whole Christina thing...who cares. This will go on from now to eternity with all sorts of celebs and performers. In a month, the focus will be on someone else. So in the meantime...let's all JUST DANCE!! ;)
  13. I think she's great!!!! I'll have to youtube her Ellen performance since I've never seen her live.
  14. I love her song poker face! Is she going to have a concert anytime soon?
  15. since were talking about the obvious, then you should be aware that christina DID INDEED steal lady Gaga's look. its kind of sad IMHO when these "artist' are supposed to be about originality and artistic expression, but some people just cant keep their ahnds out of the cookie jar i guess. christina just started this new look like last week while Gaga has looked like this for quite some time, the fact that you've only heard one of her songs does not change this fact.